Sunday, December 07, 2008

Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This PokerStars tournament is a No Limit Texas Hold’em event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 870071

Casino Arizona in Scottsdale!

Recently, some of my family has moved to Scottsdale and has left me all alone in Austin. They told me all about Casino Arizona that's about 3 miles away from the house! I'm just itching to head out there so I can hit up the tables. Unfortunately, the tables are limit but its still holdem. From what I hear, the casino has a real smoky atmosphere, but what casino doesn't. Hopefully soon..

It's been so long since I've posted anything but my job is to blame for that one. In this day and age, I'm even lucky to have a job so I guess I won't complain. Since the last posting, I've played in three tournaments. Two of them have been at Armando's and one at Jim and Stacy's. I got lucky and won the tournament held on September 19th. Yeah, that's the same tournament Justin was hanging all over me like we were a couple. I hate you Justin! Seriously though, it had been awhile since I even moneyed yet alone won. The second tournament at the Big O held on November 7th I was lucky to even money at 4th place. Lastly, at Jimbo's a couple of weeks ago, I made an amateur move by not watching what was happening at the table. I won't go into detail because it will only make me look stupid. Just know that it was strictly because I failed to take the hand seriously and it kicked me right where it hurts.

I hope to see all the regulars at the Christmas tournament next weekend! Its been awhile since everybody's been able to make it. We need to build up a nice prize pool to wrap up 2008. Hope the holiday's have been treating everybody well and again, hope to see everybody soon!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

My cousin...Mia Grace De Keratry.

I told everybody I would get an update sooner or later. Mia was born at Round Rock's Scott and White hospital on August 9th, 2008. She was 8 pounds 7 ounces and 20 inches long. The picture shows Mia on the day she was born, its now been three weeks and looks noticeably different. She's doing great and is in perfect health! Its about time Henry learns how to wipe a babies butt.

Besides the new addition to the family, there hasn't been to much goin on lately. Poker is still relatively slow but on that note, congrats to Justin Thurman for taking the last tournament down, nice one. I'm hoping we still keep our poker tradition alive despite the drastic decline in popularity.

Our trip to Las Vegas last year was a blast! We need to plan another Big O outing soon or its gonna drive me crazy! And Rico, thumbs down to Imperial Palace, never again. However, Jim, Rico and myself need to keep the El Cortez breakfast menu on the "to do list." Anyway, thats all I have this time guys and gals, hope to see everybody at the next tourny whenever that may be.

Congrats to Henry and Carol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Just to give everybody an idea, this picture is from Shawn's recent visit to his birthplace, Hawaii. Just thought I'd put a shot up to give everybody a little glimpse of what is probably the closest thing we have to paradise. For those of you who don't know Shawn, he's Rockys cousin. He's played poker with us a couple times.

As far as the last tournament is c
oncerned, I guess you could say I earned honorable mention for comin in fourth. "If you not first, your last." Great quote from Talladega nights, if you haven't seen it, its one for the DVD collection.

More importantly, Henry and Carol are about to have a baby!! Time went by too fast, its already that time. Family and friends have cast their votes for the babies weight, size, due date, and last but not least, the babies gender. I think I'll be right on, who knows. I'll keep everybody posted with the babies stats, if thats the right word. This was a relatively short posting but wanted to keep the blog updated. Hope all is well!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Where has poker gone?

Its been over a month since I've played a real table tourny with the regulars. No Jimbo or Mookie tournies.....I'm goin crazy!!

I realize with a new baby and a long trip to Europe things have slowed down a bit, but I never thought this much, guess its about time we throw a tournament over here?!? I'll have to try and brew somethin up with Joel, I'll keep everybody posted.

As far as my personal life, I actually feel pretty good. I'm actually contributing to society once again. In fact, I hit another milestone since I started with Field Assets three weeks ago, I actually went into OVERTIME!! I never thought it would happen but you know, time flies when you have properties to manage. Anyway, things are going pretty well and I hope to see everybody soon. Just thought I'd update the blog with a short and sweet entry.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My only question is......why?!?

I've never been on a roller coaster ride like the one I road at the last tourny over at Jimbo's house. My goodness, starting with 20K then down to 8K in about an hour. Then..from 8k to 80k in around 10 minutes......then, back down to about 20k and again, up to about 85k at the final table.

With that 85k, lost about 55k to Toby on a hand then left with of course 30k(low stacked at the table). Get dealt pocket King's outside of the blinds around middle position and of course pushed it all-in. Well, got two callers.....with A10 offsuite from Jim and A9 offsuite from Ian(a normal over at Jim's). BOTH DAMN ACES CAME OUT!! Four straight hours of play for nothing!

I went out in 7th place out of 17. Oh well, better luck next time. For those of you who haven't heard, I will NOT be joining the military. I believe I can further myself without the help of the Army. Either way, its gonna to take some hard work. Now, it might just take a little more. Six years is quite a commitment that I made rather quickly, luckily for me, I can still get out despite swearing in 1 of 2 occurrences. Had I swore in a second time, audios Miguel, that would've definitely been my ticket into a never ending life of hell. Anyway, I'm currently looking for employment and hope to be employed within the next week. Enough of the whole life story, I'm sick of the entire situation, specifically dealing with the recruiters.

As far as poker is concerned over at the Big O, well, haha, can you say knocked out in about 10 minutes. Yep, first one out, had to be somebody right. I missed the first 2 events of WAM (weekend at Mookie's), both the golf outing and also the BBQ. But, was good contributing 50 bucks to the pot. I look at it as a donation : )

Hope to see everybody soon!!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Its true guys, I'm in the Army!!

As of March 29th, 2008, I'm a confirmed soldier of our beloved US Army. My stepdad, Joel, was nice enough to swear me in. Its a pretty big decision but one that I'm most definitely happy with. Any first time applicants who wish to enlist in any branch of the military must take an ASVAB test. Its pretty much smaller and easier than the SAT. Lucky for me, I scored high enough to land any job I wished to have. While talking with the counselor after my physical was finished, he uploaded my test scores and also the jobs I qualified for. It was a rather large list and in fact slightly overwhelming, however, my decision was quite quick after seeing Air Traffic Control Operator pop up. I wanted to make sure and maximize my bonus to the best I could with my college history. I had slightly over 60 credits which barely qualified me for a 3,000 dollar more bonus than I would have had if under 60 credits. The primary reason for enlistment was because I had no true determination to finish college and be a dedicated student, right now anyway. So, after thinking about it, it dawned on me that the army could shape me up and train me both physically and mentally.

First, I'll be going to basic training in Fort Benning, GA for 2 months. After basic training is complete, I'll then be heading off to the military's aviation school in Fort Rucker, AL. The aviation school from what I hear has a 65 percent dropout rate, but with some hard work and long nights of studying, 4 months should go by pretty quick! After they train me to be a qualified Air Traffic Controller, they will send me to my first assignment wherever that may be. In AIT, they make you fill out a dream sheet. This sheet allows you to request where you wish to be stationed, my first choice will be Germany, then Belgium, and lastly, somewhere in the United States. There's no guarantee, but from what I hear, they try to get you where you want to go. And of course, there's always a chance for deployment. I'm sure there will be questions when I see everybody at the next poker game but this is just to give you a gist of what's goin on in my life.

My plan is to use the Army's tuition assistance program to finish my degree. They told me I could compile all my University of North Dakota and ACC credits, along with AIT credits (yes, even training in the Army earns credit for college institutions) and apply all of those to a particular degree. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University has Air Traffic degree programs, so all my training and credits can be rolled up and used together to further myself in the actual completion of a degree, its about time right. Also, using tuition assistance doesn't touch my GI Bill, which can be used for graduate school when I'm finished if I like. Not to mention 100% health and dental coverage, I think the Army was the best decision possible for me at this point.

As for poker, dang, I forgot how to play, its been like three weeks since we've played!! Busy time of the year I guess. Anyway, I FINALLY moneyed and split first place with Stacy last tournament, can't believe it, it only took like 50 tries to get on the list : ) Hope to see everybody at the next game, I'm limited on games, time's tickin for me. Whoever is reading this, you better be there! JK....but seriously.....have a good week guys.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Truckee,CA and Reno,NV

It was my first time to ever travel California. The entire vacation totaled five days. First, we flew from Austin to Los Angeles. I'll tell you, whatta dirty city, lets just say the air quality was that of Mexico City. Despite the unclean air, I was still able to see downtown LA and the Hollywood sign way off in the distance. We were at LAX for only 2 hours. After LAX we proceeded into Reno where casinos were the first thing to catch my eye. Reno brings me to my next point.....


I must say that Whataburger still wins; however, the burger was still delicious. I ordered the Double-Double but I didn't get the special sauce, maybe thats why I didn't grasp the complete experience. Also in Reno on our third day, we went to Peppermill, but were with some people who weren't gamblers so I couldn't take my sweet time. Peppermill was rated a top ten casino out of some magazine or newspaper. Its one of the more flashy casinos I've seen, thats including all the casinos from Vegas. The poker room was large, but I got stuck playing 4-8 limit because 1/2 no limit had a considerably large wait time. I only took 100 bucks to play poker and again didn't have much time so my hand selection was pretty broad. The third hand I was dealt AQ offsuite and hit the nuts on the turn.......Broadway,what comes on the river, the second jack to pair the freakin board, of course I check, he bets out 8, I smooth call. He flips over pocket Kings for a full boat, just my luck, there goes about half my stack. From that point my moral went down and I went on partial tilt playing midrange hands hoping to hit, but, of course I was blinded down to crumbs and left. Here's a shot of Peppermill...........

Overall, California was beautiful! The average temperature during the day was about 50. The average at night and early morning was about 20. Not bad at all, nice fresh mountain air for a change. Anyway, the trip made for a nice little break, now back to civilization. Guess I'll see everybody this next weekend for our regular game!